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Welcome to Tracworx

Tracworx Pty Ltd have forged over 40 years’ excavation experience, with some of the most well respected companies in the Dubbo earthmoving industry. Construction is not something you want to leave to chance, so when you need the job done right, the first time, contact Tracworx.

Dubbo earthmoving machine

Why Choose Tracworx?

Dubbo Earthmoving Specialists

Tracworx provide you with peace of mind because we are always willing and able to make your next Dubbo earthmoving project a success. Don’t worry if you need work done elsewhere too. Our operators can travel outside Dubbo when required.

Tracworx are experienced civil contractors, and while we can work on any earthmoving project, we specialise in rail and road construction.

Dubbo earthmoving project, Troy Bridge Dubbo

We take extra care to complete all excavations safely, on time and within budget. We have stood the test of time and are among the most trusted operators in our industry. Visit the gallery to browse some of our Dubbo earthmoving projects to date.

At Tracworx Pty Ltd, we are a proud, family operated, Australian company. Our excavator operators live in Dubbo. Earthmoving is our game, so we have the local experience and connections to deliver your project on time and within budget. Find out more about Tracworx.

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